Skylight Gem Goes 1.0

The Skylight gem is a central part of the Skylight product and it's been stuck in at pre-1.0 for far too long. Today, we've released version 1.0.0, officially signifying that it's stable and mature! Along with being a mark of maturity, the 1.0 release also brings… »

I feel a connection... a 🌟GitHub🌟 connection!

Here at Skylight we've been working really hard the last few months on a bunch of cool new features that coincidentally ended up being done around the same time. We didn't exactly plan it that way, but I like to think we are developing a particular brand of Tilde ESP.… »

Yarn, the Package Manager for JavaScript

Yarn is a new package manager for JavaScript, announced this morning, and we're proud to have helped make it happen. It's been a pleasure working with our friends at Facebook, Google and Exponent and we can't wait to work more with the larger open source community on it. Yehuda's spent… »

Rails 5... is ALIVE!!!

While Skylight itself supports Rails 5 automatically, we had not yet upgraded the Rails portion of the app on our end until last week. I optimistically volunteered to make the upgrade, thinking it would not take more than a day, maybe two, tops. Not so much. For context, although I've… »

Celebrating Rails 5

πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸ» In case you haven't heard about it yet, Rails 5.0 has just been released! Just like a lot of you, we are very excited about this release. If you are curious, David wrote a blog post summarizing the key features and I encourage you to check it out! You… »

Skylight Documentation Available on Github

I'm pleased to announce that the Skylight Documentation is now publicly available on GitHub. It was always available to be read at, but now the whole repository is public. To be clear, we don't expect others to write our documentation for us. However, it's not uncommon for… »