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Feature Toggles

At Skylight we often use Feature Flags to ship code as soon as possible. Once a feature nears completion, we announce it to our Insiders and give them access to the feature's flag.

Skylight Insiders get a behind-the-scenes peek at features in development, allowing them to start using new features as early as possible. In return, Insiders give us valuable feedback about these features before we ship to the larger Skylight audience. (Thanks, Insiders!)

Leo lifting a glass gif

Becoming a Skylight Insider is super easy. Just head to your account settings page, and click on the Insider postman (although some Tilde employees claim he is actually the Skylight Code Deputy) to cement your status.

We also recently added a Feature Flag user interface to make enabling feature flags even easier for Insiders; previously, Insiders would have to type DW.enableFlag('canadianFlag'); in their console. Now you can toggle away to your heart's content!

Toggling the feature flag in the Skylight UI

Feedback from our Insiders has dramatically influenced Skylight's direction, and taught us lots about the various use cases and edge cases. It's a great opportunity to help make sure your personal needs get prioritized; take advantage of it!

Happy toggling!

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