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Yarn, the Package Manager for JavaScript

Yarn is a new package manager for JavaScript, announced this morning, and we're proud to have helped make it happen. It's been a pleasure working with our friends at Facebook, Google and Exponent and we can't wait to work more with the larger open source community on it.

Yehuda's spent much of his career working to make the pains of package management a thing of the past (see: his work creating Bundler for Ruby and Cargo for Rust) and he's found some amazing collaborators in Sebastian, James and the rest of the talented Yarn crew. We're incredibly grateful to be working with them all.

As per his announcement blog post, we work with npm daily on both Skylight and Ember, and we can't wait to reap the benefits of the work they've all done. Stay tuned for more news and posts about Yarn in the future!


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