Yarn, the Package Manager for JavaScript

Yarn is a new package manager for JavaScript, announced this morning, and we're proud to have helped make it happen. It's been a pleasure working with our friends at Facebook, Google and Exponent and we can't wait to work more with the larger open source community on it. Yehuda's spent… »

Sharing the Skylight Love

Today we launched a fun and hopefully rewarding referral program for Skylight. Give $50, get $50 (inspired by our friends at Slack). We're excited about being able to properly thank our enthusiastic users when they refer their friends. Much of our existing Skylight customer base found us via word of… »

Announcing New Skylight Pricing

We're excited to announce simpler, more predictable pricing for Skylight. Most of our customers have already been migrated to the new pricing, having shifted over the last month or so, and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive. TL;DR: Our old pricing wasn't amazing, and our new pricing is much… »