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Sharing the Skylight Love

Today we launched a fun and hopefully rewarding referral program for Skylight. Give $50, get $50 (inspired by our friends at Slack). We're excited about being able to properly thank our enthusiastic users when they refer their friends.

Much of our existing Skylight customer base found us via word of mouth. We've got a great team of engineers (which I can say, not being one of them :p) who are involved in numerous communities and open source efforts, and their sort of intense involvement means they've got lots of friends, or at least users. So they told their friends and users, and behold, a customer base sprouted.

That's awesome and amazing, and when watching folks like Slack run their great referrals program, we starting wanting more. We wanted to be able to thank people for (and incentivize!) the sharing that was already happening. So as engineering companies do, we made it happen :)

There's a new page in your Settings section, the Referrals page. When logged in, it'll display a URL unique to your account, and stats on your sharing (clicks, sign ups, etc.).

When someone clicks, they'll be taken to our normal sign up page, but with a little note pointing out that you referred them. This is because we all hate that feeling when the URL just redirects to the regular page ("Did I click the right thing? Is it tracking where I came from??"...

And yes, since some of you were surely about to ask: the $50 is in addition to the free 30 day trial they also get. Best of both worlds. We'll also get a docs FAQ page up in the next few days as we get our first questions in, but it's all fairly simple, so even that will be short once it exists.

Our users have been amazing about helping spread the word, and we're really thankful: now we can show it properly.

If you have any questions about the referral program, reach out via the in-app communication channel (the floating question mark, bottom right). We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for helping spread the word! We couldn't do it without you.

(Oh and of course, if you're not a user yet, you can sign up here. Feel free to first ask your friends for their referral link though ;) )


Start your free month or refer a friend and get a $50 credit.