Fixing That Mysterious Slow Request in Your Rails App

Even if your Rails app is humming along just fine most of the time, your users probably still occasionally experience painfully slow requests seemingly at random. While unexplained slowdowns can happen for many reasons, the most common root cause is excessive object allocations. Here's the good news: there's something you… »

Announcing Grape Support

Ever since we launched Skylight for Rails and Sinatra apps, we've been getting requests for Grape support. Today we are pleased to announce that Grape is supported in the latest 0.8.0 version of the Skylight gem! If you haven't heard about Grape, it's best described in its own… »

4 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Rails App

Some of the best ways to make your Rails app faster are dead-simple and quite often missed. The tragic part is that many of these problems come up over and over again and can be fixed quickly and incrementally. And the benefits of each of these improvements can be significant.… »

A New Sense of Purpose for Rails

I'm on the way back from this year's RailsConf, still digesting all of the talks I saw and conversations I had. If I had one takeaway from this year, it's this: The way we develop web apps is changing. If Rails can embrace that, and make itself central to this… »

Announcing Sinatra Beta Support

The latest beta version of the Skylight gem adds support for Sinatra apps. We've gotten a lot of requests for Sinatra support, and we're happy to finally get it out to users for testing. Our Sinatra support is as good as it gets: we of course instrument your requests, but… »

Announcing Memory Traces

We've just released a new feature in Skylight that makes it easy to see where your Rails app is allocating memory. With new memory traces, you can reduce bloat and improve the response time of your app. Many performance monitoring tools treat requests as though they exist in isolation. Sometimes,… »