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Hello Vaidehi! Hello Agent 1.2!

Greetings from the Tildeverse! We are happy to report not one but TWO pieces of great news.

Yay from Vaidehi and Liz

First, last week we welcomed Vaidehi Joshi to the engineering team! Vaidehi joins us from New York City, and thankfully, she really likes rain. Before learning to code, she was a teacher and writer, and in her spare time, she runs a weekly series called basecs. If you like nerding out about computer science, you should check it out!

Second, we just released a new version of the Skylight agent!

Previously, when you looked at your Skylight dashboard, you'd see all your endpoints listed. Each endpoint included data for every type of response, all bundled together in one controller action. If your endpoint responded with either JSON or HTML, for example, it could be difficult to diagnose issues.

If you haven't yet upgraded to the most recent version of the agent (1.2), your dashboard probably looks something like this:

Skylight endpoints without response types

Once you upgrade to 1.2, you'll notice that your dashboard now includes response types by default:

Skylight endpoints with response types

This feature had previously only been rolled out to a handful of Skylight customers, but now it's available to everyone. Hooray!

If you enable the feature flag for endpoint search, you can also filter your dashboard by response type. This is much more helpful for troubleshooting.

Search bar gif

This simple addition can be incredibly useful if you want to compare response types for the same controller action. This makes it really easy to spot any endpoints that respond with an error, so it's faster to pinpoint problems. This should help you bring even more big improvements to your app's performance.

You can get the most recent version of the Skylight agent here. That's all for now, happy hunting!

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