Announcing Skylight 4.0: Now with Background Jobs!

Skylight’s new Background Jobs feature helps you discover and correct hidden performance issues in your Sidekiq, Delayed::Job, and ActiveJob queues. Now available with the 4.0 Skylight agent.… »

Enabling Skylight in Multiple Environments Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

Skylight’s new Environments feature allows users to easily enable Skylight’s smart performance profiling in multiple environments and effortlessly navigate between an app’s environments in the Skylight UI. Now available with the 3.0.0 agent. By default, the Skylight agent only enables itself in the production environment.… »

Deploy Tracking is Here

Skylight’s new deploy tracking feature allows you to zero in on performance improvements or regressions caused by a deployment. Now, each of your deployments will be marked on the Response Timeline, allowing you to answer the following questions: Did this deployment make my app any faster? Use the Time… »

Smarketing is the New Marketing

Hello from Kryzz (Liz + Krystan) here at Skylight! We've been hard at work revamping the new Skylight Smarketing (marketing + documentation) site. Now that it's deployed, we'd love to tell you about it. The old site was in dire need of a content update. Some of our favorite features weren't even… »

Feature Toggles

At Skylight we often use Feature Flags to ship code as soon as possible. Once a feature nears completion, we announce it to our Insiders and give them access to the feature's flag. Skylight Insiders get a behind-the-scenes peek at features in development, allowing them to start using new features… »