The Lifecycle of a Request

This post is a write-up of the talk we gave at RailsConf 2019. You can find the slides here. Most Rails developers should be pretty familiar with this work flow: open up a controller file in your editor, write some Ruby code inside an action method, visit that URL from… »

November Outage Post-Mortem

For the last couple of months, we have been investing in improving our operations and infrastructure here at Skylight. As our efforts begin to bear fruit, we have had a pretty good run without major incidents – until last week where we were hit by one of the biggest outages in… »

This Week's Data Processing Lag

This week at Skylight HQ (technically it’s in the Cloud™️ somewhere), we were hit with a pretty big surge of requests on our collector (Cyber Monday perhaps?). Fortunately our backend is architected to handle a very large volume of data from the agents with minimal latency, so this kind… »

The Slackathon

Last week, the Tilde crew dove into our first Hackathon. It was a really great opportunity to play with unfamiliar technologies and an overall good time. The Hackathon was a single-day, company-wide event (Peter even flew from sunny California to join us at the Portland office). We created a Slack… »

Introducing... Grades! 💯

Our new Grades feature gives you perspective on the performance of your endpoints, relative to other Skylight apps, so you can focus on meeting your customers' expectations. Working on performance is always a tradeoff. The truth is, you can always invest more resources in improving your app's performance. While you… »