A New Sense of Purpose for Rails

I'm on the way back from this year's RailsConf, still digesting all of the talks I saw and conversations I had. If I had one takeaway from this year, it's this: The way we develop web apps is changing. If Rails can embrace that, and make itself central to this… »

Announcing Memory Traces

We've just released a new feature in Skylight that makes it easy to see where your Rails app is allocating memory. With new memory traces, you can reduce bloat and improve the response time of your app. Many performance monitoring tools treat requests as though they exist in isolation. Sometimes,… »

Bringing Sanity to JavaScript UTC Dates with Moment.js and Ember Data

One "neat" (awful) feature in JavaScript is that it automatically changes dates to be in whatever timezone the user's computer is set to. This is great if you are building the online version of The Podunk Gazette and all your servers and users are in one town. Otherwise,… »

The Tilde Art Project You Have to See to Believe

Did you know that you can exchange money for goods and services? I did, but for some reason it still never occurred to me that I might be able to pay an artist to paint something just for me. That is, until my former co-worker Mischa McLachlan told me he… »