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Announcing Skylight for Open Source!

Here at Skylight, we love all things open source. We're thrilled to show you just how much we love it with some exciting news:

Starting today, we're offering free Skylight accounts to all open source apps!

Many of us on the Skylight team are open source contributors ourselves. From our own experiences, we know that many people are excited about the idea of contributing to their favorite open source apps, but they don’t always necessarily know where to start.

This is especially true when it comes to working on performance issues. We know how satisfying it feels to submit the pull request that makes a page twice as fast! But how does one even identify these performance bottlenecks in the first place?

Public Performance Data for Open Source Apps

We created Skylight for Open Source to make it easier for contributors to find performance issues in their favorite open source apps. Most open source project maintainers use GitHub to share their source code with their contributors, and Travis CI to share their build status. Similarly, we hope that they will find value in using Skylight for Open Source to share their app’s performance data with their contributors.

All Skylight for Open Source apps will have public dashboard accessible at a unique URL. The performance data hosted here is accessible to everyone—no Skylight account required.

For example, here’s the The Odin Project, one of our favorite open source apps, running on Skylight:

The Odin Project on Skylight (endpoints page)

The Odin Project on Skylight (endpoint page)

This allows open source maintainers (and new contributors!) to answer questions like: Where is this app spending its time? Where are its performance bottlenecks? How can I help improve its speeds?

Maintainers can also add a performance badge to their README, which links to their public dashboard:

Performance badge for Open Source apps on Skylight

To take a look at a few of our favorite featured open source projects already running Skylight, head over to You can also sign up with your own open source app today!

By making performance information more accessible, we hope to inspire and empower potential open source contributors. We aim to make it easier for them to tackle slow parts of their favorite open source apps, and have a good way to measure the result of their contributions. We hope you’ll join us in helping to make performance an accessible way to contribute to an open source project. ❤️

The Skylight Open Source icon

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