Using Skylight on Skylight

Skylight is a smart profiler for Ruby and Rails applications. In this post, we use Skylight to improve performance for the Skylight app. So meta!… »

Announcing Skylight 4.0: Now with Background Jobs!

Skylight’s new Background Jobs feature helps you discover and correct hidden performance issues in your Sidekiq, Delayed::Job, and ActiveJob queues. Now available with the 4.0 Skylight agent.… »

The Lifecycle of a Request

This post is a write-up of the talk we gave at RailsConf 2019. You can find the slides here. Most Rails developers should be pretty familiar with this work flow: open up a controller file in your editor, write some Ruby code inside an action method, visit that URL from… »

November Outage Post-Mortem

For the last couple of months, we have been investing in improving our operations and infrastructure here at Skylight. As our efforts begin to bear fruit, we have had a pretty good run without major incidents – until last week where we were hit by one of the biggest outages in… »

Skylight Trends Reports, Now Outside of Your Inbox!

Skylight’s latest update to Trends allows users to easily view & navigate through their historical trends data from within the Skylight UI. Seasoned Skylight users know that there is something special about opening up your email inbox on Monday mornings: why, getting to read your Skylight trends report, of… »