Bringing Sanity to JavaScript UTC Dates with Moment.js and Ember Data

One "neat" (awful) feature in JavaScript is that it automatically changes dates to be in whatever timezone the user's computer is set to. This is great if you are building the online version of The Podunk Gazette and all your servers and users are in one town. Otherwise, it can… »

Bending the Curve: Writing Safe & Fast Native Gems With Rust

Last week at GoGaRuCo, I talked about how Rust bends the performance/safety curve and enables a whole new generation of high-level programmers to become systems-level programmers. That tradeoff loomed large when we started building Skylight. We knew that we wanted to process high-fidelity traces of every request, in order… »

The Tilde Art Project You Have to See to Believe

Did you know that you can exchange money for goods and services? I did, but for some reason it still never occurred to me that I might be able to pay an artist to paint something just for me. That is, until my former co-worker Mischa McLachlan told me he… »

Announcing New Skylight Pricing

We're excited to announce simpler, more predictable pricing for Skylight. Most of our customers have already been migrated to the new pricing, having shifted over the last month or so, and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive. TL;DR: Our old pricing wasn't amazing, and our new pricing is much… »

We Started a Blog. What Happens Next May Shock You.

Welcome to the Skylight blog! Skylight helps you keep your customers happy by pointing out performance problems in your Rails applications. Unlike most performance tools on the market, which drown you in as much data as possible, Skylight gives you higher quality, curated information and proactively alerts you to problems… »