Hello, Interns

Skylight Insiders receive periodic updates from the engineers building and maintaining our product. These updates are personal, technical and informal; our so called developer journal entries. This blog post is a repost of the Skylight Insiders email from October 28th, where our newest pair of Interns introduced themselves. To sign… »

Connecting Skylight Apps to GitHub: the Devil is in the Details

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, we recently rolled out the ability for Skylight app owners to connect their Skylight app to a GitHub repo in order to take advantage of the various permissions associated with it. This means you can now give access to a particular Skylight… »

Skylight Gem Goes 1.0

The Skylight gem is a central part of the Skylight product and it's been stuck in at pre-1.0 for far too long. Today, we've released version 1.0.0, officially signifying that it's stable and mature! Along with being a mark of maturity, the 1.0 release also brings… »

I feel a connection... a 🌟GitHub🌟 connection!

Here at Skylight we've been working really hard the last few months on a bunch of cool new features that coincidentally ended up being done around the same time. We didn't exactly plan it that way, but I like to think we are developing a particular brand of Tilde ESP.… »

Yarn, the Package Manager for JavaScript

Yarn is a new package manager for JavaScript, announced this morning, and we're proud to have helped make it happen. It's been a pleasure working with our friends at Facebook, Google and Exponent and we can't wait to work more with the larger open source community on it. Yehuda's spent… »

Rails 5... is ALIVE!!!

While Skylight itself supports Rails 5 automatically, we had not yet upgraded the Rails portion of the app on our end until last week. I optimistically volunteered to make the upgrade, thinking it would not take more than a day, maybe two, tops. Not so much. For context, although I've… »